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Seaweed Extracts

Seaweed Extracts is a purely natural marine life product, all of which are derived from this particular seaweed itself. It contains alginic acid, crude protein, multivitamins, enzymes and trace elements.
The seaweed extracts we provide are mainly Seaweed Extract Liquid, Seaweed Extract Powder, Organic Seaweed Fertilizer, Seaweed Granule, etc.
Advantages of Seaweed Extracts
1. Easy to absorb: As a plant source extract, the living cells of various parts of the plant, whether root, leaf or young fruit, have strong affinity for seaweed extract. Therefore, compared with the complex macromolecular structure of mineral humic acid, the algae extract has better fertilization effect outside the root, and it is not easy to have spots of malabsorption residue.
2. Rapid onset: seaweed extract without the anabolism of plants, can be used immediately by plants.
3. Strong recovery: If you want to select the most beneficial products for plant stress recovery in all types of biostimulants, seaweed extract is undoubtedly the first, because it directly supplies the full set of nutrients needed by plant cells.
We're professional seaweed extracts manufacturers and suppliers in China, supplying the best service. Feel free to buy high quality seaweed extracts for sale at competitive price from our factory.
  • Organic Seaweed Fertilizer

    Organic Seaweed Fertilizer
    -Helps plants to endure environmental stress
    -Promotes the development of shoots and roots
    -Improves the fruit size
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  • Seaweed Extract Liquid

    Seaweed Extract Liquid
    1.Supply organic nitrogen, increase soil fertility
    2.Enhance crop's resistance
    3.Have double efficacy of pesticide and fertilizer
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  • Seaweed Extract Powder

    Seaweed Extract Powder
    *Maximize the bioavailability of seaweed extract ingredients
    *Extensive miscibility
    *Easy to formulate
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  • Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer

    >Description Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer is a complete natural extract finely derived from brown seaweed, which contains various minerals, amino acid, natural plant hormones, chelating agents and NPK fertilizers. These natural nutrients and bioactive substances can provide...
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  • Seaweed Granule

    >Description Seaweed Granule is a new formulation fertilizer, produced by new and special technology. Contain active natural seaweed extracts, Phosphorus(P) and Potassium(K), which has full function of seaweed, the exact proportion of Phosphorus and Potassium bring strong...
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