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  • EDDHA-Fe6

    EDDHA-FE6 is used as Ariculture and Garden,foliar & base Supplement Iron micronutrientto plant. It is the source of Iron micronutrient for plant growth and without which the disorders like iron colorists occurs which results in reduction in yields.
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  • Carboxymethyl Chitosan

    Carboxymethyl Chitosan (CMC) is one salt of the biopolymer chitosan, and chitosan is a natural biopolymer modified from chitin, which is the main structural component of squid pens, cell walls of some fungi and shrimp and crab shells.
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  • Mineral Fulvic Acid

    Mineral Fulvic Acid
    *Promotes quicker seed germination and faster root and shoot growth
    *Prevent and cure the plant disease
    *Stimulate the microcosmic biological activity
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  • Chitosan Hydrochloride

    As one of the chitosan derivative, Chitosan Hydrochloride has more function than chitosan, firstly it is water soluble, could be easy dissolve in water and week acid, this could help for easy use and formulation.
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  • Humic Acid Granules

    Humic Acid Granules
    1.Improve soil structure and root system development,improve absorption through the roots
    2.Adjust PH of soil and decrease alkalinity and salt content in soil
    3.Increase crop resistance to adverse condition (drought, frost, salinity,...
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  • Amino Acid Chloride Free

    Amino Acid Chloride Free is vegetable source, produced by enzymolysis and extraction, enzymolysis could keep max. active of pure amino acid powder. It contain17 essential amino acid, it is phosphates form, free chloride, Amino Acid Chloride Free is Yellow or off-yellow fine...
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  • Organic Seaweed Fertilizer

    Organic Seaweed Fertilizer
    -Helps plants to endure environmental stress
    -Promotes the development of shoots and roots
    -Improves the fruit size
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  • Fulvic Acid Powder

    Fulvic Acid Powder
    -Promote quicker seed germination and faster root and shoot growth
    -Provide a valuable source of carbon for soil microorganisms
    -Stimulate enzymic systems in plants to increase plant respiration
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  • Bioactive Vitamin B6

    Bioactive Vitamin B6
    *It is needed for chlorophyll synthesis.
    *It helps in cellular growth and development.
    *It helps in hydrolysis of proteins, starch, synthesis of ethylene and chlorophyll.
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  • Potassium Humate Powder

    Potassium Humate Powder
    *Stimulate plant growth
    *Promote root development
    *Stimulate seed germination.
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  • Rhizobium

    * Manufacture and assist crops to absorb nutrients
    * Improve soil and enhance soil fertility
    * Improve crop quality and increase production and income
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  • Bacillus Subtilis Powder

    Bacillus Subtilis Powder is a biological fungicide based on a selected strain of naturally-occurring antagonistic bacteria bacillus subtilis contains endospores of bacillus subtilis. As a microbial fungicide, it widely used against the major diseases like Downy mildew,...
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