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Biological Nitrogen

The biological nitrogen we provide mainly includes polyaspartic acid and γ-polyglutamic acid. Polyaspartic acid itself is not a fertilizer, but it can be used as a fertilizer synergist. Polyaspartic acid has a chelation effect on metal ions. Polyaspartic acid of a certain molecular mass can enrich nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements to plants, enabling plants to use fertilizer more effectively and improve crop yield and quality. . The addition of polyaspartic acid increases crop yield and improves soil quality.
When γ-polyglutamic acid is flooded in the soil, it will form a film on the surface of the root hair of the plant, which not only has the function of protecting the root hair, but also is the best transport platform for the intimate contact between nutrients, water and root hair in the soil. Increased efficiency of dissolution, storage, transport and absorption of fertilizers. Prevents the precipitation of sulfate, phosphate, oxalate and metal elements, enabling crops to more effectively absorb phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and trace elements in the soil. Promote the development of crop roots and strengthen disease resistance.
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  • Polyaspartic Acid

    Polyaspartic Acid
    1. Improve nutrient uptake for plants by root
    2. Improve crop yield and mature at an earlier time
    3. Reduce the usage of fertilizer and save energy
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  • Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid

    DESCRIPTION This product is Ammonium type amino acid, contains organic N, and inorganic N. It is the main material of amino acid foliar fertilizer. It can be used directly on plants as Water flush fertilizer, base fertilizer. Our products own high content, and long fertilizer...
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