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Animals Source of Nitrogen

The Animals Source of Nitrogen refers to the nitrogen fertilizer derived from the animal and belongs to the organic nitrogen fertilizer. Animal nitrogen fertilizer is decomposed in the soil and transformed into various humic acids. It can promote enzyme activity, synthesis, transportation and accumulation of substances in plants. Humic acid is a kind of high molecular substance with high cation substitution, good complex adsorption performance, good complex adsorption to heavy metal ions, effective in reducing the toxicity of heavy metal ions to crops, and preventing It enters the plant. This is very beneficial for the production of safe, hygienic green food without pollution.
The application of organic animal nitrogen fertilizer can greatly improve the enzyme activity of the soil, and is beneficial to improve the absorption, cushioning and anti-reverse properties of the soil. The application of organic fertilizer increases the organic colloid in the soil, cements the soil particles, becomes a stable agglomerate structure, improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil, and improves soil water retention, fertilizer retention and gas permeability. Create a good soil environment for plant growth.
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