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Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Organic nitrogen fertilizer, with nitrogen as the main component, is a unit fertilizer that can be applied to the soil to provide nutrients for plant nitrogen. Nitrogen fertilizer is the world's largest fertilizer production and use. The appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer plays an important role in improving crop yield and improving the quality of agricultural products.
The organic nitrogen fertilizers we provide are mainly Pure Amino Acid Powder, Amino Acid Chloride Free, Amino Acid Compound, Peptide Amino Acid, Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid and so on.
Benefits of organic nitrogen fertilizer
1) Fertilizer has a long effective period, long-lasting fertility, and no pollution. It is a high-quality fertilizer for producing organic, green and pollution-free food. 2) Containing a variety of trace elements, increasing the soil organic matter content, loosening the soil, improving the soil, and forming a high standard farmland, is the only important and necessary fertilizer that can continue to increase the yield after the use of the fertilizer.
3) It will not cause environmental pollution, and it can protect the environment by making full use of it.
4) Reduce the energy consumption caused by the production of chemical fertilizers, and effectively promote plant growth.
5) Turning waste into treasure reduces household waste.
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  • Amino Acid Chloride Free

    Amino Acid Chloride Free is vegetable source, produced by enzymolysis and extraction, enzymolysis could keep max. active of pure amino acid powder. It contain17 essential amino acid, it is phosphates form, free chloride, Amino Acid Chloride Free is Yellow or off-yellow fine...
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  • Peptide Amino Acid

    Peptide Amino Acid is animal source, produced by enzymolysis, most amino acid are in peptide form in lower molecular weight. It has some special function, it could supply high contain of organic nitrogen source and has good water solubility, long term effect cover whole...
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  • Polyaspartic Acid

    Polyaspartic Acid
    1. Improve nutrient uptake for plants by root
    2. Improve crop yield and mature at an earlier time
    3. Reduce the usage of fertilizer and save energy
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  • Pure Amino Acid Powder

    >Description Pure Amino Acid Powder is vegetable source, produced by enzymolysis and extraction, enzymolysis could keep max. active of pure amino acid powder. It contain17 essential amino acid, free salts could make sure that could be wide use in any corps, fruits,...
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  • Amino Acid Compound

    >Description Amino Acid Compound is animal source, it is water soluble raw materials of organic fertilizer, which contains 17 varieties of free Amino Acids. Amino Acid compound supply organic N and bio stimulations. It is widely used as base fertilizer in all kinds of...
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  • Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid

    DESCRIPTION This product is Ammonium type amino acid, contains organic N, and inorganic N. It is the main material of amino acid foliar fertilizer. It can be used directly on plants as Water flush fertilizer, base fertilizer. Our products own high content, and long fertilizer...
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