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The Use Of Humic Acid In Agriculture
Apr 11, 2018

In agriculture, combined with the elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium humic acid fertilizer made of (e.g., humic acid can be made into humic acid neutralizing with ammonia, ammonium fertilizer), have the fertilizer efficiency, improve soil and stimulate crop growth, improve the quality of agricultural products, and other functions; The nitro humic acid can be used as the acid agent for rice seedling;

Magnesium humate, zinc humate, humic acid and urea were found to have good effect in supplementing soil deficiency of magnesium, zinc deficiency and iron deficiency in fruit trees. The combination of humic acid and herbicide, atrazine and other pesticides can improve the efficacy and inhibit the detoxification. Sodium humate is effective for the treatment of apple tree rot.

Humic acid microorganisms (i.e., the organic microbe) coated compound fertilizer coated compound fertilizer, was invented by biological technology development co., LTD. Beijing is direction of a new type of high-tech fertilizer, clever use of urinary enzyme inhibitors, nitrification inhibitors for coating to achieve the effect of slow release, and successfully overcome the problem of microbial bacteria, compound fertilizer could not unite, taking advantages of all the products on the market, effect a kilo when two jins.

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