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Humic Acid Research Application
Apr 11, 2018

Since the first humic acid was obtained from soil in 1786, it has been 214 years old. The first to notice and study humic acid is the soil scientist. If to China "drug" in the Ming dynasty famous medical experts li shizhen in the compendium of materia medica work into "sharply away" for example, the application of humic acid has four hundred years, this shows fully convincingly that humic acid of ancient history.

Chinese humic acid has been studied in the late 1950s, mainly from the use of peat. To the 60 s and seventy s, across the country raised a hot wave of using humic acid fertilizer and soil improvement, the state council successively in 1974 and 1974, country of twice in 110 and 200 files, comprehensively promote China's comprehensive development and utilization of humic acid. In 1987, setc approved the establishment of "China humic acid industry association" to organize and coordinate the work of humic acid in China. In 2013, China humic acid industry association trademark registered in the "humic acid" industry products, the leadership behavior will motivate and mobilize more companies to follow, which helps to promote the industry development and progress of humic acid.

In the field of bioengineering, further screening of excellent strains, accelerating the development of targeted bacteria, and the development of research and development of biochemical humic acid or biochemical yellow corrosion acid products have also been developed.

The Chinese government is determined to control the ecological environment and improve people's production and lifestyle, which provides a big stage for the development and application of humic acid. Because the humic acid has special function, it will be in sand, soil improvement, urban sewage treatment, ecological agriculture construction, green, organic products, development of drugs, health care products play a unique role.

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