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Humic Acid Industry Present Situation
Apr 11, 2018

China humic acid resources are abundant, large reserves, wide distribution, good taste. As an organic material, it is widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, medicine, health, environmental protection and other fields. In terms of the comprehensive utilization of humic acid, the technical level is not backward in the world even though it is late.

China has been engaged in the research of humic acid science, more than 100 universities and research institutes, and has achieved a lot of scientific research results, and some technical products have reached the international leading level. Such as HA organic fertilizer, FA anti-drought agent, SPNH high temperature and high pressure drop filter, HA multi-function pollution-free water treatment agent environmental protection products, etc. Medical products such as "wujin oral liquid" have become a national treasure. These varieties mainly include fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs, dryers and feed additives. Medicines, health products, cosmetics; Oil additives, industrial water treatment agent, coal-water slurry stabilizer, battery expansion agent, ceramic additives, printing ink additives, and other varieties, basically constitutes the complete system of humic acid products in China.

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