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Organic Carbon

  • Nano Carbon Powder

    Product Name: Nano Carbon Powder, Fertilizer Synergist Particle Size: 50~100nm Major Elements: Nano Carbon: 90% min. Trace Elements: O, S, K Specification: Appearance: Black fine powder with strong adsorption and conductivity Content: 90.0% min. Moisture: 5.0% max. Trace...
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  • Nano Carbon Solution

    Product Name: Nano Carbon Sol. Fertilizer Synergist Particle Size: 10~30 nm Major Elements: Nano Carbon: 0.5% min. Trace Elements: Na、Mg、Al、Si、P、S、Cl、K、Ca Appearance: Black sol, strong adsorption and conductivity Package: 200 ML/500 ML or10L Application: >Function: Save...
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