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Organic Carbon

The organic carbon we provide mainly includes nano carbon solution and nano carbon powder. Organic carbon fertility is 5 to 10 times that of traditional commercial organic fertilizers, and it can double the fertility with the matching of functional microorganisms.
Organic carbon fertilizer has a small amount of area and good water solubility. Organic carbon fertilizer is an organic fertilizer rich in organic carbon nutrients. Its concentration is just in line with the needs of functional microorganisms. It can rapidly mobilize and expand the function of functional microorganisms, and has almost immediate effects on soil improvement.
In addition to being used alone, organic carbon can be combined with fertilizers such as chemical fertilizers, compound fertilizers and controlled release fertilizers to produce high-efficiency fertilizers. It can be used in organic-inorganic compound fertilizers to improve carbon-nitrogen ratio to improve fertilizer efficiency; or for urea and ammonium phosphate. In the chemical fertilizers, the utilization rate can be greatly improved, and it becomes a value-added fertilizer product.
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  • Nano Carbon Solution

    Nano Carbon Solution
    1.Save fertilizers and increase economic income up to 10%-30%.
    2.Promote root system growth and enhance disease resistance of plants.
    3.Improve crop quality and improve contents of VC, protein, fat, starch, sugars and amino acids.
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  • Nano Carbon Powder

    Nano Carbon Powder
    (1) Nano-carbon fertilizer can promote plant root activation and improve plant vitality;
    (2) Increasing the potential of plant roots to absorb water and nutrients;
    (3) Plants can absorb the nutrients attached to the nano carbon...
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