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Mineral Trace Elements

The mineral trace elements we provide mainly include EDDHA-FE6 and organic potassium. Mineral trace elements are rare in the body of crops, but they play a vital role in the growth and development of plants. They are part of enzymes or coenzymes in plants and have strong specificity, which is indispensable for crop growth and development. And cannot be replaced by each other.
When the plant has sufficient trace elements in minerals, the physiological function will be very strong, which is beneficial to the absorption and utilization of a large number of elements by the crop, and can also improve the colloidal chemical properties of the cell protoplasm, thereby increasing the concentration of the protoplasm and enhancing the crop to the poor. Environmental resistance.
Mineral trace elements can also improve the quality of crops under the ability of plant disease resistance, drought resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and insufficient light intensity.
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  • EDDHA-Fe6

    EDDHA-FE6 is used as Ariculture and Garden,foliar & base Supplement Iron micronutrientto plant. It is the source of Iron micronutrient for plant growth and without which the disorders like iron colorists occurs which results in reduction in yields.
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  • Organic Potassium

    Introduction Organic Potassium fertilizer contain organic matter and potassium. It is light brown liquid with pH6-8. It does not contain any harmful substance and is efficient liquid fertilizer used in the production of green, organic, pollution-free agricultural products....
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