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Microelement Fertilizer

The Microelement Fertilizers we provide are mainly Organic Potassium, Nano Carbon Powder, Nano Carbon Solution, Bioactive Vitamin B6, N-Acetyl-L-Thioproline, etc. Microelement fertilizers are fertilizers that contain micronutrients, and crops consume less (relative to macronutrient fertilizers). Although crops require very little trace elements, they are just as important to crops as macromolecules and cannot be replaced. The application of micro-fertilizer should exert its fertilizer effect on the basis of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. At the same time, under different nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels, the response of crops to trace elements is also different.
Microelement fertilizers have more demand in the middle and late crops. Reasonable application can significantly promote crop growth and prevent crops from causing a series of problems such as diseases, deformities and spots due to deficiency.
The main role of Microelement fertilizer
1. Promote reproductive growth, and the germination and elongation of pollen tubes are inseparable from boron.
2. Conducive to the transport, transformation and sugar synthesis of carbohydrates. 3. Enhance the stress resistance of crops.
4. There is obvious bactericidal effect.
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  • EDDHA-Fe6

    EDDHA-FE6 is used as Ariculture and Garden,foliar & base Supplement Iron micronutrientto plant. It is the source of Iron micronutrient for plant growth and without which the disorders like iron colorists occurs which results in reduction in yields.
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  • Bioactive Vitamin B6

    Bioactive Vitamin B6
    *It is needed for chlorophyll synthesis.
    *It helps in cellular growth and development.
    *It helps in hydrolysis of proteins, starch, synthesis of ethylene and chlorophyll.
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  • Nano Carbon Solution

    Nano Carbon Solution
    1.Save fertilizers and increase economic income up to 10%-30%.
    2.Promote root system growth and enhance disease resistance of plants.
    3.Improve crop quality and improve contents of VC, protein, fat, starch, sugars and amino acids.
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  • Nano Carbon Powder

    Nano Carbon Powder
    (1) Nano-carbon fertilizer can promote plant root activation and improve plant vitality;
    (2) Increasing the potential of plant roots to absorb water and nutrients;
    (3) Plants can absorb the nutrients attached to the nano carbon...
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  • Organic Potassium

    Introduction Organic Potassium fertilizer contain organic matter and potassium. It is light brown liquid with pH6-8. It does not contain any harmful substance and is efficient liquid fertilizer used in the production of green, organic, pollution-free agricultural products....
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  • N-Acetyl-L-Thioproline

    Product Name: N-Acetyl-L-Thioproline (N-ATCA) CAS No.: 54323-50-1 EC No.: 259-102-0 Chemical Formula: C6H9NO3S Molecular Weight: 175.2056 Synonymous: (R)-Aminofol;N-Acetyl-L-thioproline;3-Acetylthiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid;N-Acetyl-L-thiazolidiNe-4-Carboxylic...
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