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Nitrogen Fixation Bacteria



* Manufacture and assist crops to absorb nutrients
* Improve soil and enhance soil fertility
* Improve crop quality and increase production and income
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Product Introduction

Soybean rhizobium is a type of microorganism that can coexist with legumes by fixing the nitrogen in the atmosphere to meet the nitrogen required for crop growth. Soybean inoculation with rhizobium can reduce more than half of the nitrogen fertilizer input, effectively alleviate and improve the soybean stagnation and root rot, and at the same time improve soil and improve soil fertility.

It is a strain of high activity soybean rhizobium, which is processed by advanced fermentation technology. This product has the characteristics of high capacity of symbiotic nitrogen fixation, strong competition, early nodulation, vigor in soil and strong reproduction ability, good adhesion to seeds, environmental protection and fertilizer.


Viable cells of Bradyrhizobium japonicum: >2 billion/mL


1)Manufacture and assist crops to absorb nutrients

It is a nodule in the roots of leguminous plants and efficiently fixes nitrogen in the air for direct absorption and utilization of crops, promotes the absorption and utilization of other nutrients by crops, and improves the efficiency of soil nutrient utilization.

2) Enhance crop disease resistance and drought resistance

This product can reduce or inhibit the reproductive opportunities of pathogenic microorganisms and play a role in the fight against pathogenic microorganisms.

3) Improve soil and enhance soil fertility

The use of rhizobial nitrogen fixation can reduce the application of chemical nitrogen fertilizer and can effectively reduce soil compaction.

4)Improve crop quality and increase production and income

Rhizobium Application

Soybean; Peanut; Pea; Corn; Paddy; Potato

Product Advantage:

1) Nitrogen fixation and fertilizer: the ability of nodulation and nitrogen fixation, the use of soybean rhizobia can reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizer by more than 50%;

2) Increase output by more than 7%;

3) Nurturing of fertilizer to enhance drought resistance and hardiness of crops;

4) Production of quality food, pollution-free products, the preferred fertilizer.

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