The effect of amino acid fertilizer on crops
Apr 11, 2018

1. High content, full nutrition, long fertilizer efficiency, fast fertilizer efficiency, high absorption rate,

This product not only contain rich available nitrogen is as high as 17%, but also contain rich long-acting organic ecological nitrogen is as high as 16%, can be directly absorbed by crops 20% 10% amino acids, organic matter, and highly active, aojiang state organic trace rare earth elements in biological potassium were 2%, 10%, long living bacterium agent, promoting the disease-resistant agent, controlled release fertilizer synergist, soil conditioner, continuous cropping resistance agent, cell activating factor, as high as more than 80 total effective ingredients, can control the urine of soil enzyme activity, accelerate the rapid cycle decomposition and nutrient release, nitrogen-fixing phosphate-solubilizing, releasing, activation soil, improve soil permeability, promote the photosynthesis, greatly improve the utilization rate of absorption and exploiting the period. The period of fertility is between 80 and 120 days. Absorption utilization rate can reach more than 75%, 2 times that of urea, quick quick, thus has the inorganic nitrogen and urea longer, organic fertilizer and microbial ecology, the effects of micronutrient fertilizer etc, combining, available, long-lasting, effects of organic and inorganic three-way one.

2. Improve the ecological environment of crops, suppress diseases and insect pests, and resist stubble.

3. Eliminate the deep ploughing and renewable fertilizer.

This product has good ion exchange and adjust the effect of PH value, improve soil aggregate structure, to breathe freely, protecting fertilizer, water, heat preservation, drought resistance, cold resistance, conferring art effect, dry-hot wind resistance, resistance to lodging, etc. It can be used to synthesize nitrogen fertilizer from the air, and from the soil, it can be absorbed by the soil, so that it can be absorbed by the crops, thus achieving the effect of renewable fertilizer.

4, this product in the production process of pure natural growth resistance factors, enzymes, control factors and so on, can thoroughly improve the quality of the crop, increase production effect is obvious, use this product miao qi healthy root system developed, fewer pests, stem ye, long accused of flourishing, grain, high yield, can increase by 30% to 50%, to restore the natural flavor, good taste, high sugar content, amino acid content is high, completely solve the crop seedling prosperous long, medium-term weakness, later to take off the fat is not strong underlying problem.

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