Precautions for use of Microbial Fertilizers
Apr 11, 2018

1. The selection of quality is qualified and cannot be used after expiration. Researches must be stored at low temperature (optimum temperature 4 ~ 10 ℃), a cool, ventilated, avoid light, so as to avoid failure. Some bacteria require specific temperature range, such as hearts wooden mold needs to be saved in 2-8 ℃ constant temperature box, valid for one year, and some of the bacillus according to the production quality, basically be to see spore level, spore of high can save one and a half years or longer, spore bad failure amounted to less than six months, so the farmers should be careful to choose bacterial manure product.

Can not covet cheap to choose expired product, such biological bacterium content is very few, lose efficacy, general more than two years of biological fungus fertilizer should choose carefully.

2. Select the method of use according to the characteristics of bacteria.

It is suggested that when using biological fertilizer, the method of base application can be applied to: sowing, furrow, and acupuncture, as well as a part of it, and the remaining part can be better.

It is not recommended to apply bio-bacterial fertilizer, which is not good, but it can be irrigated, mainly for liquid biological fertilizer.

Minimize microbial death.

Avoid direct sunlight during application; The root system is completely absorbed by adding water to the root. After dipping root to planting, covering in time, and do not mix with pesticide, fertilizer application, especially now that a lot of farmers for the prevention and treatment of root of disease, the use of pesticides to fill the root, such as carbendazim, mildew, copper sulfate, such as fungi, bacteria, can control, but also have to kill to researches of beneficial bacteria, so it is recommended to use inorganic feilizer after stop using pesticides filling root.

4. Provide a good breeding environment for biological bacteria.

Only after a large amount of breeding, the bacteria in the soil can form a large scale in the soil, so as to effectively show the function of the fertilizer. In order for the bacteria to breed as soon as possible, it is necessary to provide suitable environment for the bacteria.

A. Suitable PH value. Generally, bacterial manure is less effective in acid soil. For example, silicate bacteria need to survive in the soil of ph7-8, so it is necessary to cooperate with the application of lime and grass ash to strengthen the activity of microorganisms.

B, microbial growth need plenty of water, but too much water can lead to poor ventilation, affect the activity of aerobic microorganisms, so must pay attention to irrigation and drainage in time, to keep the right amount of moisture in the soil.

C. Microorganisms in biological fertilizers are mostly good gas, such as rhizobia, autogenous nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorous bacteria, etc. Therefore, the application of bacterial manure must be combined with improved soil and rational cultivation to keep the soil loose and ventilated.

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