Introduction to microbial fertilizer
Apr 11, 2018

Soil is mainly composed of minerals, organic matter and microbial three parts, size of micro biota is the activity of microorganism, soil is very important for plant root nutrition, because of beneficial microbes in the soil directly involved in the formation of soil fertility, including material and energy conversion in the soil, humus formation and decomposition, the release of nutrients, nitrogen fixation, and so on. But there are not enough good microbes in the pure state of nature, and the force is limited. Therefore, the use of "artificial means" to increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil can increase the amount and overall activity of microorganisms in the soil, thus significantly improving soil fertility. This is the scientific principle that the use of fertile and fertile fertilizer can improve soil fertility and reduce the amount of fertilizer.

WoYi -a more two soil inoculant, yeah he scientific research team, after several years of strictly selected from multifarious flora of good soil inoculant, application of immobilized cell culture technology, ah kun, with the strains and the production technology patents.

The High Yield Technology is originated in the United States, from Mexico, and is widely promoted by Agrinos AS worldwide.

WoYi (HYT) is more biologists by the United States team, after several years research and development of highly active soil microbial strains, beginning in the 1990 s, the development in the past 20 years to mature. A major breakthrough in biological and soil microbial technology has been achieved in the product.

To hydro group co., LTD., senior vice President, chairman of the world fertilizer industry association tooley Dr F Angle (Dr. Thorleif Enger, chairman of the board of trustees Agrinos) led by the world's top fertilizer marketing team - ah kun, Norwegian company, integration of the world in the field of fertilizer research and development, production and promotion of various elite, including the American microbiologist Dr., Mr Putin, William (Dr. William Hopkins, Agrinos) research and development director, has more than 20 years experience in microbial application and achieved important research results of Mr Carl Fick (Karl Fick, Agrinos technical director), business elite Aaron, Mr (Aaron Powers, Agrinos CEO), on more than WoYi (HYT) products for several years follow-up study, won a large number of experimental data in different parts of the world, to get satisfactory result of production, after confirmed "WoYi many" products is set conversion to absorb nutrition, soil improvement and prevention bacteriostatic efficacy for the integration of high-tech products, in response to the global climate change, reduce the dosage of chemical fertilizers, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase crop yield and quality is of great significance.

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