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Water Soluble Humic Acid

The water-soluble humic acids we provide mainly include: potassium humate powder, potassium humate tablets, potassium humate particles and super potassium humate. Potassium humate is a high-efficiency organic potash because humic acid is a bioactive agent that increases soil available potassium, increases potassium uptake and utilization, and improves soil, promotes crop growth, and enhances crops. It has the functions of stress resistance, improving crop quality, and protecting agricultural ecological environment; it can be made into high-efficiency and multifunctional compound fertilizer after mixing with urea, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer and trace elements.
The humic acid functional group in potassium humate can absorb potassium ions, prevent water loss in sand and leaching soil, and prevent potassium from being fixed in sticky soil.
The loss of potassium humate is low, the utilization rate is high, the plant absorption is stable, and the yield and quality are improved in both directions. It is the “green” potash fertilizer for agricultural application and is a substitute for common agricultural potassium chloride and potassium sulfate. Potassium humate is suitable for any crop and can also be applied in combination with common fertilizers.
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  • Potassium Humate Powder

    Potassium Humate Powder
    *Stimulate plant growth
    *Promote root development
    *Stimulate seed germination.
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  • Potassium Humate Flake

    >Description Potassium Humate Shine Flake is the potassium salt of humic acid made from high grade Leonardite, which is not only a more readily available potassium fertilizer but also has all benefits from humic acid both to soil and to plant, such as soil conditioning,...
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  • Potassium Humate Granule

    >Description Potassium Humate Granules made from high grade Leonardite, it is water soluble organic fertilizer, contain potassium, humic acid and organic matter, could be applied directly to soil, the granule form is easy for use and could mix with other fertilizers....
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  • Super Potassium Humate

    >Description Super Potassium Humate is the refine powder of potassium salt of humic acid made from super grade Leonardite, contain high content of humic acid and potassium, its function and water solubility are better than normal Potassium Humate. >Specifications...
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