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Natural Fulvic Acid

Natural fulvic acid is a type of fulvic acid, mainly including mineral fulvic acid and potassium-rich powder. Fulvic acid is part of a humus structure in a fertile compost soil. It has acidic properties, and millions of beneficial microorganisms can produce very small amounts of fulvic acid in a soil environment with decaying plant matter and sufficient oxygen. The fulvic acid is characterized by low molecular weight and high biological activity. Due to its low molecular weight properties, it adheres well to the fusion of minerals and elements into its molecular structure, with good solubility and fluidity.
Natural Fulvic acid usually has 70 or more minerals and trace elements that form part of the complex. It is an ideal natural nutrient that is absorbed by plant roots and interacts with living cells. Plants absorb high amounts of fulvic acid and store them in their structure.
Natural Fulvic acid can enter the life-growth process of all plants and animals. When needed, they act as scavengers for free radicals, providing important electrolytes, boosting and transporting nutrients, moisturizing water, catalyzing enzyme reactions, increasing assimilation, stimulating metabolism, and matching essential and major trace elements. Make them grow organically.
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  • Mineral Fulvic Acid

    Mineral Fulvic Acid
    *Promotes quicker seed germination and faster root and shoot growth
    *Prevent and cure the plant disease
    *Stimulate the microcosmic biological activity
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  • Fulvate Potassium Powder

    Fulvate Potassium Powder
    1)Improve the structure of soil
    2)Neutralize both acid and alkaline soils
    3)Stimulate plant growth, increase the yield and quality.
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