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Fulvic Acid

  • Fulvic Acid Powder

    >Description Fulvic Acid Powder is a black brown powder, made by Biofermented method, Bio-Fulvic Acid is extreme water soluble, contain Fulvic Acid from 70% to 95%. >Specifications CAS No.: 479-66-3 Chemical Formula: C14H12O8 Molecular Weight: 308.244 Appearance: Coffee...
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  • Potassium Fulvate

    >Description Potassium Fulvate is Potassium salt of Fulvic Acid in fine brown powder, has good water solubility, it is main use in agriculture as bio-stimulation and fertilizer synergist. It is suitable to do high concentration foliage fertilizer. >Specifications...
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  • Mineral Fulvic Acid

    >Description Mineral Source Fulvic Acids is a kind of short carbon chain material extracted from natural humic acid with high load capacity and physiological activity. It is an organic acid of polyelectrolyte that featured with quinonyls and carboxyls etc. Fulvic acid has...
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  • Fulvate Potassium Powder

    >Description Fulvate Potassium Powder is potassium salt of fulvic acid extracted from mineral source humic acid with high load capacity and physiological activity. Potassium Fulvate, contains Fulvic Acid and K, water solubility. Besides it has all the function of the other...
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