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Acid Soluble Chitosan

Acid Soluble Chitosan refers to chitosan which is only soluble in some dilute inorganic or organic acids and cannot be directly dissolved in water. In agriculture, the use of chitosan as a raw material, using modern biotechnology to decompose, extract and add a variety of trace elements (required for plant growth), can improve and improve crop quality and food nutrition / economic value.
Chitosan is a natural plant nutrient-promoting agent--foliar fertilizer raw material. The foliar fertilizer made of chitosan can not only kill plants, fight disease, play a role in fertilizer, but also Decomposes the animal and plant residues and trace metal elements in the soil, which is transformed into nutrients of plants, enhances plant immunity and promotes plant health; shrimp shells and crab shells are rich in protein and trace elements. Good nutritional value.
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  • Chitosan Powder

    Chitosan Powder
    -Broad-spectrum antibacterial agent
    -Improve crops production and quality
    -Enhance resistance to adversity
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  • High Density Chitosan

    High Density Chitosan
    1. Chitosan has a regulating crop on plants
    2. Improve the quality of crops.
    3. Inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, improve the antibacterial activity of crops and resist pests and diseases.
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